The Transportation Project Organization (OSETH) is planning a new schedule for the prefecture of Thessaloniki in order to avoid overcrowding on critical bus lines, since “in a few weeks the fleet of vehicles circulating in the city will reach about 530.”. Bus from Thessaloniki to Athens. Buses are energy-efficient. Carrying a passenger over 100 kms by coach only takes 0.6-0.9 liters of gas. If you're on the night bus from Athens to Thessaloniki, get comfy and count the stars. New Train Station OSE Thessaloniki , Post code: 54527 Ticket Counter: +30 2310 500111, +30 2310 555777 Thessaloniki – Athens/Piraeus Routes Print . The ticket price for a … The trip is direct, and departs from Athens and arrives at Thessaloniki Monastiriou. There are many bus options available to take you from Athens to Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki - Monasthriou. February. While there are five ways to get from Athens to Thessaloniki, when it comes to sticking to your (low) budget, taking a bus is the best choice.. Where do the buses to Thessaloniki depart from? Find here useful information on how to get from Athens to Thessaloniki by ferry, how to get to the port of departure with the local transport network, timetables and prices for the ferry tickets and available accommodation options for the route Athens to Thessaloniki.. Compare all bus companies and find your cheap ticket. Thessaloniki - Athens/Piraeus . Book online now. To get to Terminal A, you can catch bus no.051 from Omonia Square (every 15 minutes and costs €1 one way). Athens (Kifisos) Booking office : 210 5150025 Warehouse : 210 5124563. By Bus. Kifisou 100 Athens, Post Code: 10442 Ticket Counter: +30 210 5150025, +30 210 5148856 Parcel Services:+30 210 5124563 Many travelers need to get from Athens to Thessaloniki (or the other way around) during their Greece vacation. Departures from Thessaloniki to Athens and Piraeus. There are usually five IC connections per day with a journey time of 4 hours. Travel from Thessaloniki to Athens by Plane. You can find around 10 direct flights and around 24 more indirect flights daily. Thessaloniki - Station 'Makedonia' Booking office : 2310 595421, 2310 595444, 2310 595411. Duration: 6 - 6.5 hours. They leave every two hours (generally) from Terminal A (Kifissou St.). Two bus terminals service Thessaloniki: Kifisso (or Kifiso) Bus Terminal A and the more centrally-located Terminal 3 at Mavromattaion Street, … In total, there are approximately 34 flights between Thessaloniki and Athens each day, and there are several service providers for this route. The cheapest way to travel from Athens to Thessaloniki is by bus, which takes 5 hours and 45 minutes. Departure 26/02/2021 € 42* Departure 27/02/2021 € 42* Departure 28/02/2021 € 42* March. The journey takes 6 hours 30 min and costs €35 per person. Bus stop Monastiriou. There are buses running between Athens and Thessaloniki daily. 1a Travelling from Athens (Greece) to Thessaloniki (Greece) To travel by train from Athens to Thessaloniki, use one of the direct IC connections for day travel. Buses from Athens to Thessaloniki. Athens (P.Areos) Booking office : 210 8225148 Warehouse : 210 8226037. Low Fare Flights from Athens to Thessaloniki in the next 90 days. The buses to Thessaloniki depart from Terminal A, located on Kifissou St. This was pointed out by OSETH in yesterday’s announcement, reminding that now, every day on the streets of Thessaloniki there are … Booking office : 2310 500111 Warehouse : 2310 514812. Departure 01/03/2021 € 38* Departure 09/03/2021 € 38* Departure 30/03/2021 € 38* April. Planes travel from Thessaloniki to Athens every day.