28. Montgomery’s sidemen (pianist Tommy Flanagan, Modern Jazz Quartet bassist Percy Heath, and his brother, drummer Albert Montgomery) offer sterling support on a varied selection of original tunes (‘Four On Six’, ‘West Coast Blues’ and ‘Mr Walker’), covers (Sonny Rollins’ ‘Airegin’ and Dave Brubeck’s ‘In Your Own Sweet Way’) and standards (‘Polka Dots And Moonbeams’). I’ve got about 30 of the listed Albums on CD and Vinyl (Some of them in Both formats!) LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE or ELLA AND OSCAR (now THERE’S killing two birds with one stone!) Having been a drunk and a junkie for much of her life, she was still begging for heroin on her deathbed, in her guarded ward at the run-down Harlem Metropolitan Hospital in 1959, at the age of 44. Workin’, I tam afraid you forgot to put the Verve record “Back to Back”, I’m fairly speechless. fondest regards from the old world… anyway, how can this list be without billie??? Before I embarked on my quest I could never have pictured myself wearing a metaphorical beret and nodding along to seemingly random trumpet sounds in the comfort of my own home. Tenor saxophonist Rollins laid out his claim to be considered one of the most inventive improvisers in music across a selection of the best jazz albums of the mid-late 1950s – The Sound of Sonny, Way Out West, Tenor Madness, Newk’s Time and Freedom Suite are all brilliant – but this, from 1956, is probably his most famous. They were all musicians in the number one Jazz Album, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. Surrounded by the supreme talents of Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Art Blakey, Mobley delivers a masterclass in relaxed hard bop. The fusion music of the late ’60s & the ’70s is what drew me to the world of jazz. Blue Train is an affirmation of Coltrane’s newfound sense of creativity and features a sextet that comprises pianist Kenny Drew, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones from the Miles Davis band, plus Jazz Messengers Lee Morgan and Curtis Fuller. Agreed. Even Facing You comes before Koln IMHO. No Dizzy or Oscar Peterson? With trumpet sounds as light as a kite, and a voice that was always verging on the slightly “off” – there are those who’ll tell you that he should never have sung at all – Baker’s records were the perfect balance of sunshine and shade. Dark Starr – David Murray. 100 Greatest Jazz Vocalist Albums Criteria: These Jazz vocal albums, were chosen for their influence, impact, originality, and quality on the world of Jazz. Totally agree about the absence of Johnny Hartman. List of 100 Greatest Jazz Albums at DigitalDreamDoor.com. 36. Index, what about one of the greatest jazz pianist, a Canadian, Oscar Peterson. Standouts include lackadaisical version of “Wade In The Water” and Dobie Gray’s “The ‘In' Crowd”. I see that Crocodile Chuck did not scrutinise the list too well if he missed No. 49. Julius hemphill – Dogon AD Genius of Modern Music should be placed at number 6 then just back up the list from there. Donald Byrd – Slow Drag Surrounding himself with simpatico sidemen – pianist Tommy Flanagan (replaced by Wynton Kelly on ‘Naima’), bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Art Taylor – Coltrane’s musical explorations took bebop to its greatest heights. What would be point of taking your favourite Aphex Twin, Coldplay and Earth Wind & Fire records if you’re going to hear them day in, day out for the rest of your life? How ’bout some Jimmy Scott (a.k.a. Explore the The 50 Greatest Jazz Albums…Ever list by TwinPowerForce on Discogs. Mel Torme wasn’t good enough anywhere on that list. But 50 records are only 50 records. Hancock’s career has mirrored Quincy Jones’, as he’s had success as a pianist arranger, composer, band leader, producer and solo artist (remember “Rockit”?). I was 13.yrs at that time. Regarding the ’50 Greatest Drummers’ list, it is not only shallow but ridiculous, and an insult to some talented people who were outstanding pacesetters. 2, Ella & Louis Like. I can’t abide that. How can anyone enjoy listening to musicians play when the musicians weren’t listening to the other players? Many guitarists that followed in Christian’s wake – among them Wes Montgomery, Grant Green and George Benson – were indebted to the Texan fretboard genius. No Ella Fitzgerald?? BTW, there is a 12 year old up for Two Grammy Nominations, just maybe he heard Jazz like me. Recorded in 1957, it showed the band leader at the height of his power – energised, totally syncopated and aiming, as always, for the roof. In an age when big bands were mostly extinct, the release of The Complete Atomic Basie marked a resurgence in the fortunes of the debonair pianist from Red Bank, New Jersey. Key song: ‘Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing)’, Though inspired by the fretboard virtuosity of his idol, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery forged a unique and immediately identifiable style. Quirky, but cool. This list does not include 'compilations', 'greatest hits', or 'live' albums... or albums by those artists who were primarily jazz vocalists. 3) Chic Corea and Return to Forever, Light as a Feather, come on this CD has Spain and Light as a feather, a gross omission. Is it Koop’s Waltz For Koop, a Swedish approximation of loungecore jazz, or is it Terry Callier’s Turn You To Love, which is almost deep soul but is released on Elektra’s “classic jazz” label. You know that by American it was meant as North American and more specifically the United States of American rather than Canada, Central or South American. Miles Davis–don’t think so…Chet–Billie Holiday!!! Sadly, the concert represented the final time that the two bebop geniuses recorded together. So let me share this information with you. -Geri Allen, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian – Etudes for whispered memories, and today’s skilled mavericks. I have already seen many lists of the kind over internet. His band at the time included Lester Young, Freddie Green and Jo Jones, as well as vocalists Jimmy Rushing and Helen Humes. But this is his best Sixties album. The Story So Far....The 100 Greatest Jazz Albums Our ongoing listing and review of the 100 Greatest jazz albums with essential information on the background of each album and essential links. There are some great albums and I have got a lot of them, but everybody seems to have been listening in the other direction. During his 28-year stint with Blue Note he produced many fine albums, but few as truly satisfying as Song For My Father, whose immortal title track is defined by infectious horn motifs and a loping intro (famously borrowed by Steely Dan for their 1974 hit ‘Rikki Don’t Lose That Number’). After my road-to-Damascus experiences, I became a man possessed. No Ramsey Lewis? You may not be able to buy Jorge Ben’s 1972 masterpiece Ben (Philips) on CD right now, but there are plenty of other places to look for cracking Brazilian music. Instead – Collocutor. I should be consulted to provide such insight. Only a fool or a brave man would undertake to compile such a list, so I won’t dispute the picks, except to question that Charlie Parker doesn’t appear until number 20???…. looks like one of those “All-Star” groups Playboy used to run annually. CU, Oscar, Good list, thank you, For me I miss Carla Bley: Escalator over the hill and Tropic apetites and Chet Baker Let’sLet’s get lost. Live at the Chez – Buddy Rich And NiO Billy Cobhan, “SPECTRUM”. Beam Me Up – Shauli Einav. Too much great stuff has been done to ever limit it to 50. Thanks for this list and all the others. Tomasz Stanko’s Litania belongs in the top 50, as does Larry Young, Shelly Manne live at the …. Kind of Blue can’t be higher on this list than A Love Supreme and The Black Saint, seriously, you can’t do this to me. And for weeks afterwards I went back for more, building up a jazz library that threatened to dwarf everything else in my collection. It earns its place among the best jazz albums of all time thanks to its capturing a significant moment in history: Goodman was the first jazz musician permitted to play at a prestigious classical music concert hall. I consider that album full blown jazz as opposed to a popular label. 17. Key song: ‘Blue Monk’, A leading exponent of hard bop and a founder member of The Jazz Messengers in the 50s, Horace Silver was a Connecticut-born pianist/composer who was instrumental in establishing the two-horn frontline as de rigueur in post-bop small-group jazz. Generally astute list, with a few debatable entries and omissions. Any list that leaves joe SAMPLE and george BENSON off it must be questioned! 100% Agree with this !!! My first thought too. Oh yea, how about Dave Brubeck – Live at Oberlin or Time Out. (The piano refrain was famously appropriated for Steely Dan’s “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number” ten years later.). I also developed an aversion to “soft jazz” and forswore the likes of Spyro Gyra, David Sanborn and the kind of soporific stuff you always seem to hear on Jazz FM. Interesting to see that only one female vocalist that made the list was Sarah Vaughan. Nice. The Shape Of Jazz To Come was extremely divisive at the time, but its status as one of the best jazz albums in history is secure today; it gave birth to the free jazz movement that would gain momentum as a viable musical currency in the 60s. John Scofield – This Meets That. Should have been more Vocal Jazz. Great list. Highlights include the beguiling opener, ‘Witch Hunt’, with its snaking melody; the cool title song, with its sublime horn theme played by Shorter and Hubbard; and the gentle, much-covered ballad ‘Infant Eyes’, which is now regarded as a jazz standard. Check out some of the greatest jazz albums on vinyl here. At least give a reason to why each album is there for fuck sake! However, these are probably the same people who, 40 years ago, would have told you that Abba don’t make good pop music or that punk was a flash in the pan. He was hailed for the technical proficiency of his performances, which set a new standard for jazz piano virtuosity. ignoring this is a crime !! No Adderly, Coleman Hawkins and topheavy with Coltrane. The resulting album quickly gained notoriety and, to date, it remains the biggest-selling album of unaccompanied piano music. I’m sorry. Parker was the King of Bop, the fastest saxophonist in the west, and at the time – the mid Forties – one of the coolest men in America. As great as many of these albums are, many of the artists on this list have exceeded these elsewhere. Heartened to see Kind of Blue top and Concert By the Sea in the top 20, but what of the older sax stars – Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster, Johnny Hodges and Lester Young, and so many other great pianists? Well, just listen to this. And, certainly older pieces carry more weight because of their influence on everything that followed. So basically that list says that nothing important happened the last 30 years or so? Is Armstrong really the only early recording that makes the list? Jazz came back in a big way in the early Nineties, particularly with the Rebirth Of Cool albums. And Iron Man should be on there as well. The growth of Coltrane’s popularity in the early 60s was undoubtedly aided by Atlantic releasing a shorter version of ‘My Favorite Things’ as a single to promote the album. Like Shorter and Zawinul, Pastorius was a gifted composer, and his tunes ‘Teen Town’, a funky vehicle for outrageous bass pyrotechnics, and ‘Havona’, a superb ensemble piece, highlight his growing maturity as a jazz conceptualist. I’d love to know who your jury was. It still kicks, decades after it was meant to. Miles’ soft, muted trumpet sound (dry as a martini) has become synonymous with “cool” jazz, and there is no better example of the genre, or of his art, than this album. A classically trained pianist, Taylor recorded his first album, Jazz Advance, in 1956 and by the time that he recorded Unit Structures (the first of two albums for Blue Note) ten years later, he had developed his own personalised take on free jazz. Kind of Blue is truly great, but A Love Supreme is celestial! Oscar Peterson Trio – Plus One (Clark Terry) All great albums – you might include Pat Metheny (any of his albums but I am fond of ‘We Live Here”)- as his group has won 20 Grammys, and maybe you might think of Vince Guaraldi (A Charlie Brown Christmas) next time. Being a jazz lover, you have to understand that “woeful” & “Eric Dolphy” can’t possibly be used in the same sentence. In The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland etc….. Just check You Tube so you can blow your mind!! Peggy Lee,Anita O’Day,June Christy,Diana Krall,Jackie Cain,how about ‘Sassy Sarah’..Chis Connors,And of course,Carmen McRae,Mildred Bailey….And of course…The First Lady of Jazz…Miss Ella Fitzgerald topping this list…. The best jazz debut ever. Years before Elton John, he persisted with the funny glasses, wore ecclesiastical robes and played some of the strangest piano you’ll ever be lucky enough to hear. Ehh. “Cool Struttin'” and “Leapin’ and Lopin'” are classics. TRad? No way Getz/Gilberto could stay in front of Dolphy’s masterpiece. I would have to put Love Supreme as my #1. somebody else noted nothing since 1977. i’ll add– and precious little before approx 1950. Coleman played a white plastic saxophone that looked like a toy, he dressed like a spiv and was a master of the one-liner, the “Zen Zinger” (stuff like, “When the band is playing with the drummer, it's rock’n’roll, but when the drummer is playing with the band, it’s jazz”), so I really wanted to like his music. Will we only ever see nightlife again by watching period pieces? My Favorite is Ella & Louis! Many years ago a jazz critic in Chicago told me that Latin jazz was not serious jazz…….talk about arrogance and ignorance. Including career-defining sessions that continue to make their influence felt, the best jazz albums of all time offer a wealth of stunning, must-hear music. All recorded form 1970 to 2020. Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue Harmonious Creatures – Sarah Manning. Includes the monumental “Venceremos” with guest vocals by Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn. not everyone would select (or even know about) Lenox Avenue Breakdown or Water From An … His greatest creation was this, his 1959 debut for Columbia, on which propulsive uptempo songs (‘Better Git It In Your Soul’) were balanced with beautiful shimmering ballads (‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’, an elegy for saxophonist Lester Young, who had died earlier in 1959). Key song: ‘I Remember’, Despite passing away at the age of 25 from tuberculosis, Texas-born Christian did enough during his short career to achieve immortality and earn a place in the pantheon of jazz guitar greats. not everyone would select (or even know about) Lenox Avenue Breakdown or Water From An Ancient Well or any number of your other choices. -Spirituals To Swing – John Hammond’s great concerts with Basie, Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Helen Humes, Big Joe Turner, James P. Johnson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. It’s got that beautiful version of “Three Views of Secret” with Toots Thielemans’s soulful harmonica lead. I would rather see one of Trains blues records on the list. In terms of its elegance, though, nothing surpasses the superlative opener, ‘Stolen Moments’. 2. Highlights include the title track, plus ‘Pannonica’ (dedicated to Monk’s European patron, Baroness Kathleen Pannonica De Koenigswarter, on which Monk plays celeste) and ‘Bemsha Swing’. It seems that only in the USA are outstanding jazz-performances! Ellington’ s Blanton Webster sessions !!!! Would also like to see some more adventurous material. He was all over the place. Chick Corea. Queen Latifah?? And, according to Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, it is also something else far more important: “Sexual wallpaper”. “Ella at Duke’s Place” got to be there. Frank Sinatra can’t crack the Top 50?? The album includes “A Night In Tunisia” and various bonus tracks including “Our Love Is Here to Stay” from An American In Paris. How is the classic Basie band 49 and behind a bunch of lesser lps like one by the Latter Basie band ,who’s the fool who put this thing together ??? No There were THREE great jazz albums released in 1959; Brubeck’s “Time Out,” Davis’s “Kind of Blue,” and Gerry Mulligan’s “What is There to Say?”, which was released before the other two and I believe is the #1 jazz album of all time. How’s that Guys. The song vividly showcased Getz’s pure-toned tenor sax and the intimate, burry voice of Gilberto, though as recording progressed it became evident that Gilberto could only sing in Portuguese. That’s 69! Oh yes, I forgot about the MJQ. and NO Johnny Hartman?? Northern LIghts – Mike Mainieri. What about Django Reinhardt. Jazz is Dixieland, swing fusion, jazz funk, jazz rock, R&B, bossa nova, bebop, hard bop, hip hop, cool jazz, hot jazz, free jazz, trad jazz, modern cheroot-smoking Sta-Prest-sporting jazz, the lot. Oscar Peterson, Mel Tormé, Nat King Cole, MJQ, Ella for God’s sake!!!! Key song: ‘Hat And Beard’, St Louis-born Nelson was a talented saxophonist who could play both the tenor and alto varieties, but who earned more fame during his relatively short career as a masterful arranger who could turn his hand to TV soundtracks and movie scores. I stop at the soul station just to see Hank Mobley I have about 70% of this list so far. Leading a quartet comprising trumpeter Don Cherry, bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Billy Higgins, Coleman shredded the bebop rulebook by jettisoning orthodox notions of what constituted melody and harmony. The music is intrepid in its exploration of new sonic worlds and, despite its eerie dissonances, there’s a prevailing sense of swing which gives the music cohesion. Take The A … Largo – Brad Mehldau. Awase Nick Bartsch. Often called the best guitar picker who ever drew breath, his style stemmed from the fact he only had two operational fingers on his left hand (it was damaged in a caravan fire in 1928). Sweetnighter – Weather Report Giant Steps – Trane This collection of straightforward covers is undoubtedly her best work, the defining record of her career; a selection of haunting covers that spotlights her remarkable gift for interpretation. Some people’s innate hatred of jazz is simply the result of an unfortunate experience, but then anyone who’s witnessed Art Blakey performing a three-and-a-half hour drum solo is entitled to feel a little peeved (and I speak as someone who has seen one at close quarters). No Billy Holliday? I agree with so many of your picks. A good list with many outstanding classic albums BUT guitar players seriously under-represented! I see that once again, vocal jazz is the step child. If I were on Desert Island Discs, I thought to myself rather conceitedly, what would be the point of bringing your eight favourite records with you? Conspicuously absent are: On the other hand, if it promotes interest in the music, all well and good. Whenever I listen to Sarah, I have Vaughan Please re-think your statement. From B.B. And all I could hear was Freddie Hubbard. What?! 15. Disclosure of Material Connection: Many of the links in the posts on this site are “affiliate links.” It is a good list and of course we could all have albums we would place higher and, perhaps, not rate some of those included, but I cannot really fault it. There are a few incredible cuts on that album that still blow me away after all this time. Key song: ‘Pennies From Heaven’, Harlem-born pianist Powell didn’t live beyond his 41st birthday, but he made a profound impact that can still be felt in contemporary jazz. Missing are these masterpieces (at least), Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue Another standout is the blithe and becalmed ‘Dolphin Dance’. The list needs more Monk, and Chick Corea’s Light as a Feather album. Well, of all the omissions, Ella Fitzgerald seems the most glaring to me. Are Roy Elridge an Dizzy G. forgotten? The Sidewinder’s title song, with its jaunty soul jazz groove and infectious horn motifs, was a hit single for Blue Note and helped the parent album become the label’s best-selling LP. Great list. The Story So Far....The 100 Greatest Jazz Albums Our ongoing listing and review of the 100 Greatest jazz albums with essential information on the background of each album and essential links. Also–omitting Oscar Peterson entirely is a serious flaw. Max Roach – Freedom Now Suite And of course Bechet. The lack of representation of Dizzy Gillespie and Lee Morgan stands out. As for Monk..Monks Dream is a top 5 for me. Key song: ‘Stolen Moments’, Famed for his florid, virtuosic keyboard style, Pittsburgh-born Erroll Garner was heavily influenced by Earl Hines and Fats Waller but managed to find his own distinctive voice on the piano. It’s a perfectly preserved document capturing Coltrane during his six-month tenure with Monk, which came after Miles Davis had fired him earlier in the year (and two months after the saxophonist had recorded his Blue Train album). Also Louis Armstrong hot fives and sevens should be at number one for me. Somewhere on the limmit to free form jazz(? Key song: ‘St Thomas’, Recorded in 1958, this is undoubtedly the greatest album made by alto saxophonist Julian “Cannonball” Adderley during his 20-year career. Still top 50 lists involving a passion such as music will always be tough. Die Liste The 100 Jazz Albums That Shook the World wurde 2006 anlässlich der hundertsten Ausgabe der britischen Musikzeitschrift Jazzwise veröffentlicht. But I do agree there is a lack of recordings by other significant jazz artists from outside of the States. This is a list of JAZZ albums, not easy listening. If you don’t have it (though many of you will have some individual songs), get it! Shorter fronts an ace quintet of his own here, comprised of Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Coltrane’s then-drummer, Elvin Jones, and together they conjure up a memorable session featuring six songs composed by the saxophonist. Key song: ‘Imagination’, Coltrane showcased his prowess on the relatively obscure and under-exposed soprano saxophone on this, his third album for Atlantic Records, recorded in March 1961 and released later that year. Layers of the City – Ben Allison. The improvised format rarely yields good music. It is always a pleasant day when Mr. Louis Armstrong came to my Town. Miles, Coltrane, Ben Webster, Paul Chambers, Bill Evans, Donald Byrd, Don Lamond, Osie Johnson just to name A FEW!! Des outils sérieux existent : “JAZZ” d’André Francis (Solfèges_Editions du Seuil) , “Le Grand Livre Du Jazz” de Joachim Ernst Berendt , qui permettent de procéder par éliminations successives ; perso , j’ai du mal à accepter l’absence de Kenny Burrell “A Night at The Vanguard” et de Jimmy Smith “T I Guess No Maynard No Blue Mitchell No Shelly Manne No Hubert No Turrentine No Chet?.No Woody Shaw And The List Goes On…Is Freddie on The List?? Unit Structures remains one of the best jazz albums to come out of the avant-garde. Eric Dolphy possesses the best Table manner; see him– Out to Lunch Includes “Round Midnight”, the most recorded jazz song of all times. Bud Powell – The Amazing Bud Powell Vo.1 and please don’t forget Norman Granz’ series JATP Jazz at the Philharmonic. Louis plays W.C. Hardy,…, Django would be great to! How can you not have a single album of Sun-Ra’s on the list? Morgan’s foil is tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson, whose tone is robust and earthy in comparison with the trumpeter’s soaring, gilded sound.